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Title : Prepare For An Interview

By : Bilal Mustafa

Date : Wed-Apr-2015

The lessons are designed to help you to prepare for an interview by thinking like an employer. Because they are written by people who have conducted interviews as employers they can speak from real life experience and give you an accurate insight into the mindset of an employer.

You will find that the lessons cover many aspects of interview preparation in an easy- to- follow; straightforward way. We will cover these topics:-


Ways to prepare for an interview.

We will take you through how to research the company and the role you are seeking. Where to look for relevant information, issues to consider, how to pitch yourself as the best candidate for the job. We will also look at different types of interviews, what is involved, what to expect.

Tips to prepare for an interview

We will look at how to prepare for an interview, proper dress to wear, how to conduct yourself at the interview, what to do after the interview. We will also look at interview “do’s and don’ts.

Prepare interview questions

We will help you to prepare job interview questions. Whether you want to know how to prepare for an interview for an internship, or how to prepare for an interview for a management position, we have valuable advice and guidance to offer you .There will be example questions and suggested answers, to ensure you are ready for anything.

Types of interviews

We will look at the various formats and techniques companies use, so that you are fully prepared and know what is expected of you, so that you can give the best possible performance.

Behavioral or competency based interviews.

We will help you prepare for this important type of interview , show you examples of questions you might be asked, and how to ensure you can give great well thought- out responses.

Prepare for an interview by thinking like an employer

We will show you what the employer is thinking, what they need to know, and more importantly what you need them to know. You will learn what questions to expect and how to prepare answers so that they see you are going to be the perfect fit for the role.

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