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Title : How Do You Achieve Confidence ?

By : Bilal Mustafa

Date : Wed-Apr-2015

Confidence goes hand in hand with Commitment and Competence. Once you know what you want, are committed to achieving it, and become competent in your field, then confidence will follow naturally..

Do one thing every day that scares you. ~Anonymous

In the meantime, as you work your way along the path to Commitment and Competence, your Confidence will grow daily with your achievements. Learn to recognise and celebrate your achievements, however small.


Keep a written record to remind yourself of how far you have come. This can become the basis of your CV when you are ready to move on. Don’t forget to record hard facts about significant Achievements- percentage increases, and numerical targets achieved.

It is important to have a purpose and direction for your Life and Career, while at the same time keeping an open mind to new opportunities that present define what success means to you personally- what would success look like? Can you create a picture of it in your mind?

Then commit to taking personal responsibility for your Life and Career success by setting and achieving high goals .Don’t allow yourself to be dragged down by negative people and events, or disappointing outcomes. Be realistic about mistakes and shortcomings, correct them where you can, learn from them and move on.

Build Confidence by facing your fears and acting to tackle them head on. Be optimistic of good outcomes. The Universe reflects back to us what we project.


Build your Confidence by surrounding yourself with positive people, who will achieve success that you can celebrate, and acknowledge and celebrate yours with you. Cultivate a network of people who will encourage, mentor, coach and inspire you to help you create your success and build on it.


Build your Confidence by sharing your knowledge and wisdom through mentoring others. This will improve your listening skills, encourage you to focus on and verbalise your own skills.

Become competent at everything you do in your personal and professional life. Be a person who makes a positive impact in every situation, delivers outstanding performances, is an excellent communicator, and builds strong relationships.

Demonstrate integrity in business and your personal life, manage your time effectively. Follow the rules of courtesy and etiquette.

Constantly seek challenges as a way to grow and develop your skills- stretch yourself every day. Find ways to update your skills,

Eat well, take exercise, and be healthy. Strive to understand others and their problems. Offer the hand of friendship. Care about your personal appearance.


Continue to review and record your achievements, learn from your mistakes, and move onwards and upwards every day.

Take pride in everything you do, and in all your achievements. Note and celebrate all your small and big successes .Now you are on the path to confidence!

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