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Title : Cover Letter Tips

By : Bilal Mustafa

Date : Wed-Jul-2015

1. First of all ensure your CV is up to date, without spelling and grammatical errors.

2. Write a proper cover letter.

”Dear Sir, here is my application “is not a cover letter.

Take a few minutes to tailor a letter, even if it is just a couple of sentences.

“Dear Miss Smith, please find attached myapplication. I note you are looking for someone with experience of caring for clients with mental healthproblems, a line of work which I enjoy and have several years relevant experience. I also note you require someone willing to work evenings and weekends, and I am happy to do this. I look forward to hearing from you “

3. Don’t write a long chatty cover letter including your entire life history. Relevant information only, short and to the point is best

4. Don’t provide information that is not relevant, particularly about your experience. If they ask for particular expertise and experience and you can evidence it, then do so. Do not evidence expertise and experience they have not asked for in your cover letter. The information is in your CV, the purpose of the cover letter is to draw attention to your CV, and encourage the recruiter to pay attention to that. Give the recruiter an overview of the most relevant experience you have that is appropriate to the position they are filling. This will provoke their interest, rather than their impatience.

5. Your cover letter is the opportunity to speakdirectly to the recruiter and show them why you are their best fit. A good way to do this is to review their job requirements, as indicated by the advertisement for the position, or the job description. Scrutinize therequirements and detail in your cover letter how you have experience meeting those requirements. Don’t expect them to guess how you fit the position, you are best placed to see that and convey it to them. Give them the information they need to see the great fit that you are for the position. This will grab their attention and make them want to read your CV or resume.

6. Do provide ALL the information they have requested. The recruiter may ask you to indicate your salary requirements, hours of availability, or even submit samples of your work.

Whatever they’ve asked you to include, make sure you include it in your cover letter. If you don’t, the chances are your application will be “binned” because you have failed to follow instructions.

7. If you have a personal connection, use it. Make reference to the fact that your father worked at the company previously, or that you have personal friends at the company who speak well of it.

8. Remember your application is your sales leaflet. So AIDA is the rule.
Attention Grab their attention
Interest Pique their interest
Desire Fuel their desire to know more about your application
Action Finish with a call to action.

9. Ask someone to proof read your cover letter.

10. If you are applying by email, don’t send the cover letter as an attachment, paste it into the email itself, to ensure it is read.

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