Venture Funding For Start-ups Surges To $32.5bn WQsoftwares

Title : Venture Funding For Start-ups Surges To $32.5bn

By : Muhammad Soahib

Date : Fri-Jul-2015


WASHINGTON: Investors pumped some $32.5 billion into more than 1,800 venture-backed companies around the world in the past quarter, amid feverish interest in tech startups, a survey showed on Thursday.

The report by the research firm CB Insights and the consultancy KPMG suggests the boom in funding for tech firms shows no signs of abating.

The report said venture investors are hunting for “disruptive technologies and applications” along with new “on-demand” startups — delivering goods and services ranging from groceries to house cleaning.

“This trend, which escalated with Uber and Airbnb, is now expanding into new verticals and well beyond North America,” the report said. North American firms got the lion’s share with some $19bn spread over 1,100 deals, the report showed. Asia garnered some $10.1bn, outpacing Europe’s $3.2bn in the April-June period.

The deals have also been getting “fatter” according to the survey, with the average investment for “late-stage” firms at $74 million, and more than 30 investments of over $100m.

Published in Dawn, July 24th, 2015


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